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A few words of introduction...

I have been thinking of now being just the right time to create brand new website for quite a long time. I thought that CWG would deserve that ...and me too as the new website would also allow me to put together all your questions and all my answers which I repeatedly send by email.

We would like to clarify the categories in the catalog, to codify the various unwritten rules and changes brought about by ten-year's developement, while adapting to the current situation in the Czech Republic and the existence of other national CWG clones at the same time.

What will not change:

  • CWG pattern is still freely available for personal use by every geocacher
  • CWG design is firmly set and it is not allowed to alter it in any way - altered disc does not qualify as CWG
  • registered manufacturers send samples of every new version of CWG for the catalog

What's new:

  • changes to the front side of the CWG - text GEOCACHING.CZ becomes CZ GEOCACHING
  • changes in the catalog category CWG and rules for the integration into different categories
  • other national mutations CWG will be officially supported

By changing the mandatory text for CZ GEOCACHING we met the demands of czech geocomunity who protested against the apparent connection to the server It should be noted that me and Poník have always felt that the inscription "GEOCACHING.CZ" on the front side of CWG meant "Geocaching in Bohemia" rather than a web address. So now the modified text actually reflects our original idea much better.

At the same time we would like to tidy up the categories of CWG. These original ones, as they emerged gradually, are not clearly defined and their names can be a bit confusing to the uninitiated. We have therefore (in cooperation with manufacturers and collectors) set clear rules for clasification into categories. Although that might worry some collectors we believe that in the future it turns out as beneficial.

CWG are currently popular in many other countries also. That's why the design 2015 features also for further national mutations CWG. Slovak SWG will keep the privileged position among foreign clones as it were designed together with the CWG

JPAgeo & Poník, October 1st, 2014
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