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How it all began

First CWG were designed and produced in 2005 by Poník and JPAgeo. The outcome was so good, that they was decided to share their idea with the others. They wrote on their site this:

Link to entire original CWG site is here: (in Czech language only)

An interesting dates:

29 September 2005 -creation Czech Wood Geocoin, were manufactured CWG Ponik & team a JPAgeo
18 February 2006 -the first event CWG - arises category Special Limited Edition
April 2007 -Black.Spider offers complete production of CWG and he became the first official manufacturer, his idea was proven direction for the development of CWG
December 2007 -first 100 personal CWGs in catalog
July 2008 -official producers are themselves send samples to the CWG catalog a and they also added to each order CWG Collection member on our behalf
August 2008 -arises the first big manufacturer CWG - Kavalír, agile approach and pricing policy of this manufacturer means the beginning of a massive expansion of CWG
1 January 2009 -modification of the back side of CWG as requested by Groundspeak, official approval to use the logo Groundspeak for CWG
June 2009 -1000 personal CWGs in catalog
April 2010 -2000 personal CWGs in catalog
3 September 2011 -is issued geocoin Five Years CWG
1 January 2012 -JPAgeo can not more maintain the CWG catalog, administration of official catalog takes over firm GeoGadget at their own expense
1 January 2012 -are officially allowed knots of solid wood, catalog does not distinguish between different types of knots or wood
January 2012 -5000 personal CWGs in katalog
June 2013 -more than 11000 czech CWGs in catalog (in all categories)
1 January 2015 -modification of CWG design, categories in the catalog are changed, support of foreign mutations
July 2017 -inverse engraving is allowed officially
1 January 2020 -modification of the CWG back side in response to the Groundspeak logo change
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